October 20, 2012

Showers, Showers, Showers!

It's been a while since I posted. Sue me. I've been busy. I've been sick. It's been whatever.

So far we have had 3 of our 5 main showers, and 1 of my 2 school showers. That's right... SEVEN showers in all!

The first one was my "friends and family" shower. My lovely aunts and my mom's best friend, Mrs. Corrine, hosted this shower at my Aunt Judy's neighborhood clubhouse. We had so much good food, and it was wonderful to see all of my family and friends together. Most of the guests were my parents neighbors and friends from the yacht club, as well as my aunts, my uncle, and my cousins. It seems like all of those people practically helped raise me! This shower was kitchen themed, so JD and I got a lot of recipes and nice supplies for the kitchen! However, I must say that my favorite gift was my Meyers Lemon tree from Allan and Drew! Three of my four bridesmaids were there, and we got to start my bow-quet to carry for the rehearsal! All in all, it was a lovely day!

The second shower was one that we had at my school. The elementary school in Lowndes always have school wide showers for a teacher's wedding, and for her first child. I've been looking forward to this day for years! It was kind of interesting having it at Dewar, especially since I  barely know most of the people that came. However, it's the thought that counts, and my grade level did a wonderful job putting it all together! We got a lot of gift cards, so those will definitely come in handy!

Shower number 3 was with JD's aunts and cousins (all girls). His two aunts hosted, and we played some really fun games! It was my mom's first time meeting many of his family members, and definitely seeing them in their element. Rosie had never met any of them, so it was nice for her to put names to faces. She's definitely heard a lot about them over the past 7 years! This shower included two of the things we really wanted... all new bedding for our master bedroom, and all new bathroom stuff too! Woohoo!

And finally, at least for now, the 4th shower was JD's Parent's Church Friends Shower. This was the biggest shower by far. I think something like 30+ people were there. We went to one of the hostesses' house, mingled about, ate delicious food outside under the stars, then came back in for games and presents! Our cake was really cute, as were the decorations! My bow-quet doubled in size, and we got some wonderful presents! I think most of these people probably just brought stuff to this shower instead of having to haul it all the way down to Valdosta! My parents had never met all of JD's church people, so it was fun to see them get thrown into that mix of people. It's definitely a group where you just have to dive in head first and hope you come out on the other side!


So that's all for the showers for now. I have one more this coming weekend at the Swan House in Atlanta, and it is being hosted by some ladies from my church back home. Then in two weekends I have my final shower here in Valdosta, and it is being hosted by my Valdosta girl friends! SO excited :)

September 25, 2012

Suits... The Most Difficult Fashion of All!

So, who would have ever thought that picking the groomsmen's fashion would be more difficult than the bridesmaids? Who would have thought it would be harder to make one boy (JD) happier than to make 4 girls???

Oh, wait... ME!

From the very beginning I let JD have free rein over the attire for himself and the guys. He is quite obviously the more fashion conscious member of our little family, and he would pick something much nicer than me. After all, it wasn't until recently (read as the last year or two) that I finally learned a suit isn't just a suit.  Not only that, but it is nearly impossible to buy an unaltered off the rack suit without looking like anything but a sack of potatoes.

Side note... one of my biggest pet peeves about looking at wedding pictures is seeing grooms and groomsmen in saggy, baggy, unatrractive suites or tuxes. YUCK!

Anywho... JD and I discussed and agreed on a nice medium grey shade for the suit, and that we wanted the ties to be the same color as the bridesmaids dresses. There ended my say so, and there entered the drama.


Mr. GQ decided that the groomsmen needed to purchase their own suits so that they may be properly altered and fitted. And, it's not much more expensive than it is to rent one of those nasty, who knows what's happened in it, sweat bags of a tux from some massive chain.

His first choice would have been a bespoke suit from Savile Row, but we didn't feel like several thousand dollars per suit plus multiple airline tickets and a several month timespan would really fit in with our plans.

Instead, we set out to Joseph A Bank, one of JD's top choices for fancy wardrobe purchases. They're always running some kind of super crazy deal like buy 1 get 50 things free (<--- obvious exaggeration used to make a point). One of JD's groomsmen used one of these similar deals to get his groomsmen's suits, so it seemed like a perfect option. Unfortunately, after a trip to Jos. A Bank in ATL we were told we couldn't get what JD wanted for less than a price that we'll just call way too expensive. Ouch.

Off to Mens Warehouse. They couldn't do it for less than an even more obscene amount of money. Strike 2. (JD has expensive taste)

Then we headed to the mall... Dillards and Macy's were the same story. Strike 3.

We wandered into JCPenny and actually happened to find a suit that we liked. With their new square deal thing they have going we would have been able to get the suits for the same price as renting a tux.  Unfortunately, my "a suit is a suit" attitude was quickly overruled. I could tell by the look on his face that JD's soul was dying inside at the thought of wearing an off the rack JCP suit. Yes. My fiance' is a fashion diva and a coffee snob. And I absolutely love him for it.

After another trip back to the Valdosta JAB "just to see if they could do better than the one in ATL" we were pleasantly surprised. We met the lovely Skylar who seemed to make our dreams come true! We found a fabulous suit that came in the exact color we needed, and, with Skylar's 70% off magic, was EVEN CHEAPER THAN THE JCP PRICE. We left with great big smiles on our faces and plans to get everyone's sizes.

Fast forward two weeks. We come in with everyone's sizes and are ready to make the order. Next thing you know, it's all fallen apart. Little did we know, the suit had been discontinued and only the sizes and colors remaining were available. Three of the six suits were unavailable. Without going into all of the many, many stressful details, let's just say I cried. Twice. We're talking big old ugly elephant tears.

Two hours later we left the store thinking that the store manager, Gerald, really did have superhero magical powers and that things were all better. However, as we pulled into the neighborhood we got the dreaded phone call. Something was wrong. We turned around and went back.

More tears. More magic.

Finally, the nightmare was over. We ended up with the SAME SUIT that JD tried on at the first trip to Joseph A Bank before any of this even happened! However, somehow Gerald's magical superhero powers got the price back down to where we needed it to be.

We returned to Joseph A Bank at least 5 times (probably more) over the next month to get JD's alterations done, and to pick out ties and shirts for the groomsmen and my dad. Fortunately that part was MUCH easier. They had exactly the color and style that they needed. However, Mr. Fashion Guru had to speacial order his own tie online. Nothing off the rack for that boy ;)

So, all of the fashion really and truly is finished. The boys all have their suits. The girls all have their dresses. The moms are taken care of. The dads are taken care of.


July 28, 2012

Where to begin???

So much has happened in the past month! Here's a short, sweet, and to the point update...

  • Bridesmaids dresses have arrived!
  • We picked jewelry for the lovely ladies.
  • Our guestbook came in... it's beautiful :)
  • JD has finally picked suits for the guys! I'm quite excited about how handsome everyone will look!
  • We purchased my wedding band, and it's tucked away safely until November.
  • Invites went out, and our first shower is in 3 weeks!
  • My Aunt Donna has volunteered to address our invitations.
  • The day of schedule is coming together.
  • I've started working on the table numbers. So excited!
  • Wedding gifts started arriving... it's like Christmas morning every single time!
  • We're starting to pick our music for the big day.
  • Mom and I went shopping to pick out her bling for the wedding.
  • I gave up on growing my hair and chopped it off. I'll be a pixie bride for sure!

As my summer wraps up and the school year begins I'm busy working in my classroom. We're closing in on 3 months, and I know we're getting down to the wire. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't getting anxious. However, with the help of my mom, JD, and my lovely ladies I know everything will work out for the best!

June 25, 2012

I'll NEVER be too old for Disney!

Well I must say that it is time to brag on my fabulous MOH, Miss Rosalie Barbour!

First things first I must issue official blog congratulations to Rosie. Back in March I received a FaceTime phone call from Rosie flashing some bling. Before she even had a chance to say anything I was jumping up and down and screaming  screeching! Rosalie is engaged to an absolutely amazing guy named Adam Fowler. I couldn't pick a better guy for Rosie, and I know they'll be very happy together for a long, long time! I can't wait for their special day in January, and to return the favor and stand up by Rosie like she is for me!

Sharing this special time in our lives has been absolutely wonderful. Forget any of that drama you saw in Bride Wars. Planning our weddings together has brought us closer together over these past few months. It's so wonderful to have someone to talk to and bounce ideas off of, especially when we're both going through the exact same things!

Once it became time to start discussing Bachelorette ideas I had some hesitation. I've always dreamed of going to Disney and wearing those bridal Minnie Mouse ears, but I wasn't so sure that everyone else would like the idea. Well leave it to my Bestest Best Forever Friend to keep me in check and make sure that I got what I wanted. After toying around with ideas about going to Charelston, Savannah, and a weekend in the mountains, Rosalie promptly reminded me that Disney is what I've always wanted, and that the weekend was supposed to be all about me.

Needless to say, I am thrilled to announce that we'll be heading to DISNEY WORLD for my Bachelorette weekend! Some people might think that it's lame, but this chick has never been all about the crazy partying, and I made it quite clear up front that there would be no inappropriately shaped party favors and the like. It's just some good old fashioned fun with my girls and the mouse :)

Thank you Rosalie for pushing me to stand up for what I want, and for helping my dreams come true!

June 22, 2012

It's The Little Things :)

Beautiful :)

A Second Dress and a Third Pair of Shoes!

Now don't go thinking anything crazy like a second dress for the reception. I love my beauty of a wedding dress far too much to change out of it after the ceremony. Instead, I'm talking about my rehearsal dinner!

I have "pretend shopped" at ModCloth for ages, but haven't ever had the guts to actually buy anything. That was until I saw this beauty!

I have also been hunting a fabulous pair of pink shoes for a while. I knew that I didn't want to wear stiletto heels since we will be outside and on grass for the ceremony and good part of the reception. I had no interest in aerating the lawn for them, or in falling and breaking my ankle! And without giving anything away about my dress, lets just say everyone agreed that flats would be the way to go. 

I decided quite some time ago (read as before we were even engaged) that I would wear these pink glitter TOMS for the reception.
But I knew I wanted something a little dressier for the ceremony, pictures, etc. Enter a trip to DSW with my mom and the purchase of these.
Noticing a trend?

Well now that I had this fabulous new rehearsal dress I figured it was a good excuse for new shoes! I didn't want to do flats since this dress was short, and remember that I didn't want to rock any skinny little heels. So, I searched the internet for months until I finally found these lovelies! DSW to the rescue again!

So that's how I ended up with two dresses, and three pairs of shoes! Anyone who knows me should know that I am NOT the fashion guru in our family as that job usually falls to JD! Who'd have thought I'd have more wardrobe changes than him!

June 8, 2012

Honeymoon! Honeymoon!

After months of research and looking at literally dozens of properties, we have FINALLY selected a honeymoon location!

Oh you know... just our honeymoon spot. Come on November! Paradisus Playa del Carmen La Perla

 Oh you know... just our honeymoon spot. Come on November! Paradisus Playa del Carmen La Perla

We will be flying out of Orlando and spending 8 days and 7 nights lounging at the resort, zip lining over the jungles, riding amphibious vehicles through caves and rivers, snorkeling, exploring Mayan ruins, checking out wildlife, fishing for more "monster fish" and much, much more! We are so excited! Come on November!

We were so fortunate to work with South Georgia Travel to find a phenomenal deal for our resort, flight, and excursions! Our travel agent, Brenda Wetherington, was able to get us a deal for over $1500 cheaper than anything we could find!